Guest Information

We are so happy to have you attend an event at Stone Ridge! We know you’re going to have an amazing time here. We also know you may have questions, so we’ve prepared some information you’ll find helpful. If you have any other questions, please email Thank you!


Stone Ridge Event Center is located at 5960 Burden Blvd. Pasco WA 99301

Coming from Rd. 68, we are just past Gesa Stadium and the soccer fields. Careful, Burden Blvd. narrows to one lane right at our entrance! We are the brick building sitting up on the hill.


Please park in the lower parking lot, angled into the rows of grapevines.

Please do NOT drive onto any of the lawn areas.

Please leave the UPPER paved parking for guests with special needs: handicap parking, elderly, pregnant women, baby strollers, etc.

Please do NOT park around the LOWER paved circle, this is our fire lane, and you may be towed.

If you need to leave your vehicle overnight, it is at your own risk to vandalism, etc., however; we are fine with you leaving your car, just please return by 10am.


We know you’re excited to attend the event, but please arrive no more than 15-20 minutes before the start of the event, unless the HOST has asked you to arrive earlier to help setup or for pictures. Early arrival often distracts the HOSTS from their last minute setup, interrupts pictures, etc.


Most weddings have their guests enter through the garden gates, which can be accessed by the lower stone stairway that goes UP and AWAY from the building. Handicap, baby strollers, etc. can park up top and enter down the side paved sidewalk located to the right of the building.


Restrooms are located inside the building. If the event you are attending is a wedding, please try to wait to use the restrooms until after the ceremony, as we will be trying to get the wedding party lined up and ready for the processional, and guests coming in and out interferes and causes delay.


Please be respectful if the HOST of your event has asked you not to bring children.

If you do have children attending the event with you please:

Ensure they are in your sight at ALL times.

Do NOT allow them to play in any rocked or landscaped areas, or in the vineyards.

Ensure they are in your sight at ALL times.

Do NOT allow them to play around the waterfall. Do not allow them to stand or play on the waterfall’s rocky edge.

Ensure they are in your sight at ALL times.

Our photo booth is not a toy. Children must be supervised when using, and props should be put back after use.

Ensure they are in your sight at ALL times.

Bring your child some table activities to help keep them entertained. We do have a large grassy area where they can play, but we are NOT entirely fenced in.


There is a fold out baby changer in both the men’s & women’s restrooms. Attend baby at all times. Please bag dirty nappie & place in trash can. Spray disinfectant & wipe after use.


If alcohol is being served at the event, please:

Have your I.D. out and ready. All guests, regardless of age, will need to show I.D.

All alcohol must be served from Stone Ridge’s Bar Staff, from behind the bar. There is absolutely NO self service of alcohol.

No drinking in front of the building, or in the parking lot. This is considered public space and tickets could be issued.

If hard alcohol is being served, no straight shots are allowed, and we will only pour single shot drinks.

No outside alcohol is permitted. If a guest is found sneaking in outside alcohol, it will be confiscated, and the guest may be asked to leave.

Guests showing signs of intoxication will not be served.

No Car Bar! Guests sneaking drinks from their cars will be asked to leave.

PS. We aren’t trying to be fuddy duddys! We pride ourselves on helping our HOSTS to have respectful events where their guests have a great time, not a drunken someone end up in jail time 😉


No guests are allowed downstairs. This is our storage area, and not suitable for guests or children.


Our bridal suite & groom’s room are for the wedding couple, wedding party, photographer, hair/makeup persons only. The rooms are closed after ceremony except for a quick touch up or change. No hanging out or partying in these rooms during reception.


Our ‘designated’ smoking section is not so designated, depending on where the HOST of the event would like it to be. Please find the butt chimney and smoke in that area only.


Not all guest know the HOST of the event is responsible for the clean up, including clearing tables and taking trash to dumpster. Please be a helpful guest and clear your space, and throw away your trash. Do not throw candy wrappers, cans, etc. on the ground, your HOST will have to clean up after you, or they will be charged for us to clean up after you. There are many garbage cans around the property.


We love seeing pictures from our guests, please tag us! #stoneridgeeventcenter