The perfect place for business or private holiday parties. Everything you need in an elegant, private location.

 We offer:

  • Seasonal decor, lovely the way it is, or bring more to add to it!
  • Seating for 100 guests dinner style, or 120+ cocktail style.
  • White, Ivory or Black Table Linens
  • Bring your own food, or use any caterer of your choice!
  • Licensed Server for Alcohol Beverage- Provide your own or ask about our no-host beer bar option.
  • 12×12 Faux Marble Indoor Dance Floor
  • DJ- Dance music, karaoke or both!
  • Photo Booth
  • & More!

Tell us a little about your party and we will get you a quote prepared for the perfect holiday party package to fit all your holiday party wish list needs:




How late can we party? 11pm guest departure. Clean up completed by 12am.

Can you accommodate more than 100 guests? We can go up to 120 guests if you’re not planning on using the dance floor, or if you are OK seating 10 per table.

Can we use a caterer of our choosing? Yes!

Can we bring our own food? Yes.

Are there any other costs involved? Yes. We require an event insurance policy to be obtained- estimate $1.00 per guest for your policy using one of our insurance agents. You will need a banquet permit if serving alcohol, currently $11.00. There is no sales tax.

Can we bring in a Santa? Of course!

What kind of music does the DJ play? He will create a custom play list for your evening and will MC your event.




1. Take polls among employees.

Involve workers in the planning process. It’ll empower them and make them feel like their opinions are valued. Perhaps employees will want to showcase their cooking skills and do a potluck, or order from the new pizza place down the block.

Bosses should let the employees have control of at least one aspect of the party, whether it’s the food, music, entertainment, date and time or activities, so that they feel like they have more of a stake in the company.

2. Arrange a competitive group activity.

Parties are tough for introverts and shy employees. A fun game will break the ice, get everyone involved, and promote teamwork. The activity could be as simple as a game of Pictionary or Clue. Let employees chose their own teams. This teamwork translates over to the office environment and brings a little bit of healthy competition into the mix.

To up the stakes and encourage more participation, business owners can offer incentives such as gift cards to local restaurants and shops.

3. Bring in lighthearted entertainment.

A holiday office party isn’t complete without entertainment. Having a DJ is great, and will help keep your party flowing and on track, but people might be reluctant to dance among their coworkers.

Look into hiring additional entertainment, such as a corporate comedian or an improv troupe whose members interact with the audience. It’s even better if the troupe is experienced with corporate training and team-building activities.

If comedy doesn’t sound enticing, some other great acts to consider might be a magician, a group of break-dancers or a sketch artist.

4. Rent out a photo booth.

A photo booth (yes, we have packages that include our photo booth at Stone Ridge!) allows employees to cherish the memories they made at the party.

As an added bonus, employees can post the photos on the business’ social-media accounts and show customers a more human look at the company.

5. Bring in an inspiring speaker.

A motivational, insightful speaker has the power to boost company morale and get employees excited about the company in the new year. Try reaching out to a local author, a CEO of a large company or someone who specializes in corporate training.

6. Pick a theme.

A costume or theme party pushes people to step outside of their “business” or “corporate” selves and let loose. The company can hold a costume contest and award prizes to the best dressed. A theme event is also something for everyone to talk about back at the office on Monday.

Just remember to make it neutral and be culturally sensitive so that workers don’t feel uncomfortable. Possible office-friendly ideas might include a time-period theme such as the 1950s or the Renaissance, or employees can dress up like their favorite TV and film characters.

During the holidays, business owners have the chance to give back to the people who make their companies successful. By holding great parties, they can show their thanks and increase the amount of goodwill around the office.